2.10.2021: FIRST CONCERT and Presentation at the Long Night of Democracy

The kids of our orchestra are finally meeting again in our rehearsal rooms since the start of the current school year 2021/22. We will practice Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and perform this piece for the first time in front of an audience: At 2 pm in the large conference room of the housing project at Berg-am-Laim-Str. 127, Munich.

Afterwards, our teachers and orchestra children will demonstrate the various instruments to visitors and potential new participants.

At 4 pm we will present our orchestra project at the nearby “WERKSVIERTEL-MITTE” as a part of the children/youth/family program at the Long Night of Democracy. (barrier-free) You can access via Friedenstraße at the Ostbahnhof.

We will be happy to welcome you all! (The admission to the concert in the housing project starting 1:45 pm requires the use of a face mask under compliance of hygiene and distance rules. The presentation in the Werksviertel will take place outdoors).