C.O.N. SONANZA’s performance at “Der Gasteig brummt”

We can still hardly believe that our first concert in front of a public audience took place in the Gasteig HP8, and that there was such a fantastic response. The 300 tickets were quickly sold out completely and Hall X was full of music-loving children and families.

Our youngest and newest orchestra members showed their practice pieces The Cricket and Today We Play, with which they gradually learn to read music and the technique to their chosen instrument. Afterwards, our elders played their first three pieces (in simplified versions) from the classical period: Te Deum by Marc-Antoine Charpentier, The Great Gate of Kiev by Modest Moussorgski and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. Quite a few new kids played along, even though they had very few lessons to date. Their great teachers* supported them in playing in the orchestra. Everyone gave a great performance under the direction of our top conductor José Jesús Olivetti.

In between the pieces, our violin teacher Gustavo Strauss presented a cheerful and rhythmic original composition with his “Loopstation”. Our workshops for trying out 4 string and wind instruments each before the concert were also very successful and were incredibly fun for our kids and teachers. That was a wonderful and extremely exciting day at this fantastic festival, which we will not forget in a hurry. THANK YOU, Gasteig München GmbH !