Maximilian Straßer, honorary managing director of the Findelkind-Sozialstiftung der Familie Schmucker gGmbH, enables lightning grant for project “Te Deum”

Former Munich City Councilor Maximilian Straßer advocated for a short-term grant of €5,000 for the ongoing “Te Deum” project. Thanks to this unexpected support from the Findelkind-Sozialstiftung der Familie Schmucker gGmbH, additional wind instruments such as trumpet and saxophone can now be taught in addition to the previous instruments violin, viola, cello, double bass and French horn. The large grant covers the cost of fees for the new teachers during the project, as well as the repair of many donated used instruments, cost of needed accessories, and even a beginner trumpet. This means that new children from lower-income families can immediately participate in the “Te Deum” project. Since 2006, Maximilian Straßer has been acting as a representative and honorary managing director on behalf of the founding family to provide fast, unbureaucratic and sustainable funding to help many needy groups in society: children affected by poverty, young people, senior citizens, migrants, single parents as well as people affected by long-term unemployment. The Foundling Social Foundation of the Schmucker family gGmbH supports not only in this country, but also people in the greatest need on the ground in disaster and war zones.