“Ode to Joy” project in times of pandemic

Facing the Corona crisis with respect, but confidence and faith. Making the best of it – playing together in the orchestra again. That could have been our motto lately. In strict compliance with the AHA and 2G+ regulation, our project “Ode to Joy” took place.

The kids and teens joined the orchestra again after a period of three months and surprised us with their strong will. They had progressed a lot musically despite the months of corona-related online lessons…and they managed to keep their joy through music…exactly at times of a pandemic, music is more important and beneficial than ever! This spirit was reinforced through our project “Ode to Joy” – our orchestra members can now not only play the first verse of this masterpiece together, but also sing it enthusiastically. It was fun and made everyone want more! It brought a ray of hope, joy and a feeling of fulfillment through these hard times.

We would like to thank the Munich Department of Culture (Kulturreferat) and the Castringius Children and Youth Foundation for making this project happen.

Since then our orchestra counts with two more wind instruments: Trumpet and flute. And with a few more young musicians.

Thank you for helping us slowly grow our orchestra towards a symphony orchestra and for all the joyful moments. We love that we can welcome new participants despite the situation.